Manjakani Natural Herb For Vaginal Health

On September 8, 2011, in Tightening, by admin

This little herb called oak galls in english or manjakani in malay is less known to western cultures, though it is well known for its benefits to vaginal health in ancieny cultures, particularly persian, egyptian, indian, chinese and malay.

I heard about it when I was looking for something to help tighten my vaginal muscles after giving birth since I found Kegel exercises for pelvic floor quite demanding after postpartum. And I was quite amazed reading about it and how women in South East Asia uses it to restore not only their vaginal walls elasticity, but also as a anti-septic after giving birth.

What makes Manjakani so special?

The secret to this herb is its properties. It contains tannis, vitamin A, vitamin C, and it has astringent properties which makes it a perfect natural solutions for women suffering from vaginal discharge. Tannis is what makes oak galls so special in rejuvenating women vagina and does tighten it naturally. You should use manjakani extract for this purpose or manjakani pills if you find any. Another way to use it is by drinking tea made from it which is perfectly safe.This is the tradidional way to use the herb.

It is quite hard to buy the majakani extract or the plant in natural food stores, but you can purchase vaginal creams or gels made from or with it. InTivar does contain manjakani and it is what it makes so powerful for restoring vaginal elasticity and tightening the vagina muscles.

Since it has anti-astringent and anti-septic properties, many women use it for curing vaginal discharge and keep their vagina clean. Also it kills the bad odor, making a very good alternative treatment for women suffering from bacterial vaginosis.

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