Best OTC Yeast Infection Treatment

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When it comes to yeast infection, most of us want an easy solution. And OTC yeast infection medications are as easy as you can get. Since the law has changed into the ninethies in US, many women rely on over the counter treatments to clear their infection. Below are the best and most commongly used over the counter yeast infection treatments today.

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1. Monistat 7- Day Yeast Infection Treatment

Monistat is the leader when it comes to over the counter treatment for yeast infection. There are three types of Monistat treatments that you can buy: Monistat 1, Monistat 3 and Monistat 7. Each number refers to the number of days that the treatments come. Yeast infection cannot be cleared in one day in my humble view, so I would always buy the 7 day treatment. It still contains miconazole cream at 2%.

A short note about the other popular two Monistat yeast infection treatments. They have higher miconazole cream concentration which, while you may think they are better, they may cause serious side-effects in some women. Common complaints are pelvic pain and serious burning, particularly with Monistat 1-day treatment.

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2. Enzymatic Therapy Pearls

While this candida treatment is not a typical one, since it is actually a probiotic yeast infection treatment, it is nonetheless very efficient for those with recurrent problems. it can be used by both women and men. It’s made from three types of probiotics proven to aid with vaginal health. It comes with a 30 capsules, one per day to be taken, per pack. It comes also at a very cheap price. You may want also to read my Alaczen review, another popular probiotic for vaginal health.


3. Miconazole Nitrate 2 % Antifungal Cream

This is a straight forward miconazole cream, produced by Miconazole. This is a non-branded miconazole cream for men. It can relief symptoms such as jock itch, ringworm and athlete’s foot.


4. Azo Yeast Infection Prevention

This product does not treat a yeast infetion, but it claims to help with preventing it. It also gets you relief from itchiness and burning while you are having a vaginal infection. It’s mad efrom a long list of natural ingredients, so you may want to check it out and see for yourself. It has very good reviews on Amzon, though, hence I’ve included in my list if best otc yeast infection products.

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How To Enjoy Sex After 40

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Sex after 40 is better than ever

You don’t know what you talking, I might hear some women. Yet, most women have experience enough at this age to know what they want in bed. Plus that they not have any babies to wake them up all night. So, yeah sex should be good at this age, yet lots of women start to avoided instead. The main culprit is painful sex due to feminine dryness.

You see, after 40 our body start to fail us, especially when should enjoy our life the most. The signs of menopause starts to show off and dry vagina and painful sex is the first sign of it really. The good news is that there are lots of ways in which you can overcome this and enjoy sex after 40 as never before.

Painful Intercourse Due To Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is a common female condition and you should not be ashamed to talk with your doctor about it. Some wome do not want to talk about it with their male doctor, so you may want to change it with a female doctor if that makes you comfortable.

While dry vagina is common before and during menopause, it can also be experienced by younger women as well. This occurs when the female hormones decreases, such in menopause, but also during pregnancy, breastfeeding, after hysterectomy surgery or during chemotherapy treatments. Some medications may cause temporary vaginal drynesss as well. So, if you are below 40 years old and notice painfu intercourse due to dryness, you know what might causes it.

When it comes to menopause, most of women get feel depressed as they associated it with night sweats, weight gain and more worringly, HRT. The thing is that at 40 and before menppause already installs itself, HRT treatments should not be an option. There are lots of vaginal dryness products free of hormones which you could use topically.

Curing Vaginal Dryness During and After Menopause

Besides using a cream or ring to treat vaginal dryness, many can be purchased without prescription, like Replens, you can use only natural vaginal dryness creams such as InTivar which does contain Pueraria Mirifica.

Your diet is also important, more so after 40. It is importat to learn which and how much contains your food ingredients as some foods contain naturally estrogens. The biggest sourse of estrogens are soybeans and soya milk.



Alaczen Natural Thrush Cure

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Are you tired of repetitive thrush infections? Read below how Alaczen can help you!


Are you one of those millions of people sufferring from recurrent thrush infections. Are you sick with taking lots of antibiotics for bacterial vaginosis, only to experience it again? Alaczen is one dietary supplement scietifically formulated to help with these vaginal conditions and prevent thier reoccurrence.

There are many thrush treatments out there, so why choose Alaczen? Well, it contains more than 48 billions of live bacteria and more importantly, it contains the right bacteria to help with vaginal conditions such as thrush and BV.


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You will really need to drink tons of probiotic yogurt just to get the same effect. What makes Alaczen unique compared with other thrush probiotics on the market, i sits ingredients.

Benefits of Taking Alaczen

  • It improves your immune system;
  • It fights Candida at its root;
  • It helps preventing thrush and bacterial vaginosis recurrence;
  • Made from 4 proven-to-work probiotics against vaginal infections.


How Alaczen works?

 To help you understand how Alaczen can help you, firstly  you have to understand why chronic vaginal thrush or yeast infection occurs. Behind that reccurrent nasty itching and burning, lies behind a weaker immune system which permits bad bacteria to grow in your body.

 The main causes of a weaker immune system are stress, medical conditions that requires antibiotic treatments, certain chronic conditions, hormonal changes which occurs during mestruation, pregnancy and menopause, just to name a few. Improving your immune system and keeping the bad bacteria at bay is vital for preventing thrush and bacteria vaginosis fro reoccurring.

What is in Alaczen?

The ingredients found in Alaczen have been proven in more than 450 studies that they aid in preventing and curing vaginal infections, notably Candida. The main ingredients are:

Lactobacillus Acidophilus- This probiotic has been proven to help fight Candida Albicans. It also has other important health benefits as well;

Lactobacillus plantarum 299v- This is a proven probiotic for boosting immune system and help fight bacteria;

Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14- These two are important in repopulating your intestine and vagina with good bacteria, the sort you need to prevent yeast fungus growing.

Read More About Alaczen Ingredients Here

How to take Alaczen?

Alaczen comes under a bottle with 30 capsules. You need to take on per day with or without food. Depending on your severity, you should give it at least one month to work, preferably six months.

Does Alaczen work for men?

The root problems for Candida are the same for women as for men, so you should benefit from the Alaczen treatment as well. You should consult a doctor first though to make sure you suffer from male thrush.

Where Can I buy Alaczen?

This supplement can be purchased from only online.


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HT which stands for hormone therapy is a FDA approved medication for threating menopausal symptoms. There are two type of HT which can be applied, estrogens based only and estrogens and progesterone combined.

  • ET treatment is used for women who have had hysterectomy.


  • EPT therapy is for women who still have an uterus, the progesterone been used to protectthe usterus from cancer risks caused by estrogen hormone.


Who should use HT ?


Deciding to go into a hormone replacement therapy is something that should be done individually. The reason is that your medical and health is different and there are instances where HRT should not be the used.

Nowadays, it is stated that it is safer to use the hormone therapy if you are between 50 to 59 years old as the risks of getting cancer are lower. According to NAMS, the dosages should be lower at first and then increased. The treatment is deemed safe for a period of 3 to 5 years of continuous use.


What is HT used for?


Hormone therapy is used for treating the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal symptoms such as dryness, and bone lose.


What kind of products that uses HT are out there?


There are basically two ways in which HT can work through your body:


1. Systemic way, when the components pass through your whole bloodstream and whole body. The type of products comes as oral tablets, spray, patch, emultion, gel or injection. This is usually prescribed for all menopausal symptoms

2. Local applied, ofen called non-systemic, are those used for a specific area of the body and it does not passes through other parts. They are prescribed for vaginal dryness symptoms due to menopause and they comes as creams, ring or tablet.


Who should choose Hormone Therapy for treating vaginal dryness?


There is still a lot to learn about the possible health risks of using HRT treatments for women during menopause. The decision for using local HT therapy to ease the discomfort of vaginal dryness symptoms is personal and should be taken by looking at advantages of using HT creams versus possible health risks commongly associated with using those. For example, the risks of getting uterus cancer and strokes increases when you are over 60 years olds. Some women have such bad vaginal dryness that makes their life inconvenient, so they are more likely to opt for a hormone based creams such as Premarin or Prempro. Other women experience tolerable dryness which can be treated with alternative treatments.




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Do you find yourself having a lack of desire for sex? Low libido is pretty common among women who have just had a baby, during perimenopuase and menopause. Other women  may experience once in a while a lack of desire due to psychological factors such as stress, problems in a relationship, financial worries, etc.


Women do experience higher or lower hormonal imbalances throughout their life and the best thing to do is to minimize the symptoms as their hormones will get back into shape sooner or later. Low sex drive is not the only thing women experience during perimenopause.


Other common symptoms during menopause are flashes, insomnia, vaginal dryness, thinning of the vaginal walls, vaginal atrophy, excessive sweating, weight gain, fuzzy brains, vaginal infections, just to name a few. The intensity of these menopausal conditions differ from woman to woman, depending how low their estrogens levels are and what kind of lifestyles they have.


Best Tips to get over lack of sex drive and increase you libido

1. Regular exercising- Doing everyday exercising will help you pass this difficult period in your life less painful. Exercising will increase the stamina and help produce more estrogens from adrenalin glands. It is normal to see how this can help you. Generally, any type of exercise will do, even walking is benefic when it comes to daily exercising.

2. Supplements- Dietary supplements are a necessity during perimenopause and menopause and will help you get smoother transition from menopause to post-menopause.

3. Diet- There are certain foods which will help you   getting estrogens the natural way. Some foods, such as soy, are very rich in phytoestrogens which mimic the humans estrogens.

4. Treat Vaginal Dryness – Treating the root cause of vaginal dryness and thinning is a must to overcome lack of sex drive and increase your libido. Depending on your condition, there are various ways for vaginal dryness, from natural to prescription medication. Also, many vaginal dryness creams such as InTivar will help restore the vaginal tissues and promote the blood flow into vaginal tissues which in turn will increase your libido.

5. Testosterone Drugs- Since some women may experience low testosterone levels which might explain their low sex drive, especially after hysterectomy, you may think that a “woman viagra” might solve their problems. You may need to talk with your doctor about it since you need a prescription.


Low libido in women is a little more complex than in men as it is usually associated with emotional  feelings regarding their partner. So, if you have resentful feelings towards your partner, it is normal to not feel  turned on and the best way is to solve these issues before worrying about your body getting old or feel aged.


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